We are ordering a limited number of calendars this year and do not anticipate any reprints. This decision is because we had quite a few left over that were never sold.

If you wish to buy one or more in support of this fundraising effort, we strongly suggest you make your purchase(s) as soon as possible. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Scottish Fold calendars are hard to find. If you have been searching for one, Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. has the magic answer! We are selling the Scottish Fold Fanciers' Parade of Folds 2012 Calendar as a fundraiser for our rescue efforts. Candid photos have been contributed from Fold owners. Each month will feature a favorite "Foldie" (Longhair, Shorthair, Folded-ear, or Straight-eared - cute pose or serious, in costume or not).

The calendar is in color and measures 11 x 8.5 inches when folded. It opens into a wall calendar measuring 11 x 17 inches. Each month occupies the full 11 x 17 inches and features a color photo on the top page and the month on the bottom, with holidays annotated, charming cat quotes, and plenty of room for writing.

This year, the cost of the calendar is $20.00 USD. Since we have learned Peggi can get up to three calendars in one Priority Mail envelope, postage and handling for 1 - 3 calendars going to the same address within the continental US is $5.25. For example, if you order one calendar, the fee would be $5.25. If you order three calendars shipped to the same address, the fee is still $5.25. More below in the order form itself.

What is better than to have a wonderful calendar, at a reasonable price, and to know that the monetary profits will be applied to rescuing Scottish Folds?

2012 Cover
Sample Month 2012

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Order Form

Note: Use the form below if you wish to order calendars online and indicate if you will be paying via PayPal, check, or money order. If you are paying by check/money order, please make it out to Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. and mail to:

Scottish Fold Fanciers' 2012 Calendar
Attn: Grace Guidry
1180 FM 2324
Emory, TX 75440

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US Postage and Handling is $5.25 (USD) for one to three calendars shipped to the same address within the continental US.


 If you are buying one or more calendars AND they are all being shipped to the same US address, use this scale:

 One to Three Calendars $5.25      Four to Six Calendars $10.50    

 If you are having calendars shipped to different addresses, please use a separate order form for each.

Note: Overseas or outside continental US, shipping/handling is more. Please contact Peggi for the rates before completing your order. Also check our FAQ page. Please insert your outside the continental US shipping/handling rates in the Comments and add them to the total in the Adjusted Total sections below after talking to Peggi or consulting our FAQ page. Canadian rates can be found on our FAQ page. (NOTE: any fees inserted in the Comments section will not be reflected in the form total. That is why we ask that you add them on the Adjusted Total line.
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IMPORTANT: Payment must be in USD. Our bank will not accept checks from non-US banks.  Money orders based on US funds or PayPal are alternatives.


Adjusted total: (For example, if you buy one calendar that is going to Canada, the Total will reflect $20 USD. Since the postage and handling is $11.50, the adjusted total will be $31.50 USD.)

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